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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Delivery:

1. Completing the payment confirms the order. If a customer cancels the order due to personal reasons, the paid amount will not be refunded. If a customer needs to reschedule the delivery for personal reasons, they must provide at least two working days' notice prior to the scheduled delivery and reschedule the delivery within one month.

2. The customer must be present at the delivery location on time and answer the delivery driver's phone calls. If the customer cannot be contacted or is unavailable for receipt of the delivery after a delay of 30 minutes beyond the scheduled delivery time, it will be considered as a canceled order, and the deposit paid will not be refunded. Any additional fees incurred due to the customer's failure to be contacted or receive the delivery will be the customer's responsibility.

3. The shipping fees listed on the website only include transportation by vehicle and do not include any handling or stair-climbing fees. The delivery driver is only responsible for delivering the goods to the customer's specified delivery location and completing the handover on the ground where the vehicle can reach. If the customer requests additional handling or stair-climbing services, the delivery driver has the right to charge extra fees. If the customer refuses to provide the additional fees to the delivery driver, the delivery driver has the right to refuse delivery to the specified address.

4. If the delivery location is at a loading zone or parking lot and requires parking fees, the customer will be responsible for paying the fees for the first half hour or one hour (whichever is lower) at that loading zone or parking lot.

5. If the order includes rental items, a deposit is required. The full deposit will be refunded upon return of the items without any damage. If damage is found upon inspection, compensation will be required based on the price.

6. In the event of severe weather conditions on the day of delivery, the customer can request a delayed delivery service at least three hours before the scheduled delivery time. If the order includes fresh vegetables or seafood, they cannot be rescheduled for delivery. The remaining food or utensils can be rescheduled for delivery within one week from the original delivery date, but the rescheduled delivery must be within one month from the original delivery date. Failure to change the delivery date within the specified time frame will render the order invalid, and no refund will be provided.

Change of Delivery Address:

Regarding changes to the delivery address after purchase, if the customer wishes to modify the originally provided delivery address, please contact TLCBBQ Express via phone or WhatsApp at least 48 hours before the delivery date. If the change of delivery address results in the order not meeting the free shipping conditions, an additional fee will need to be paid.

Privacy Policy:

TLCBBQ Express will request customers to provide personal information, including name, contact number, delivery address, and email, on the company's website. The payment process will be handled by PayPal and Stripe, and we will not obtain any personal payment information from customers, nor will we transfer any customer data to third parties. Regarding emails, besides promotional purposes (including sending emails regarding promotions/discounts/offers), TLCBBQ Express will not disclose email data to third parties and will not charge any fees for providing data to third parties.


All information posted on this website, including images, videos, text files, and links, is provided for customer reference. The actual products may not necessarily match the products depicted in the images. TLCBBQ Express will ultimately use the origin and weight of the food as the standard for the products.